"Members are asking how to pay tithe and offering while our church is closed. There are several ways. One is to use the on-line program, Adventist Giving. This is a simple program and you will need to use your credit card. See link below.



Another way is to mail your check or money order to the following address. If you do not have a tithe envelope, place a note with your check/money order and designate t he amount you want to go to the specific fund(s). If you do not designate, your money will go to tithe.  


P.O Box 3644

Coos Bay, OR.


Last, if you have a key to the church, you can slip your tithe envelope under the secretary's office door.

God Bless you and yours. Keep safe!

Coreen Cline

Head Treasurer

(541) 294-3056"