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The Coos Bay SDA Community Services:
Our Community Services Team works tirelessly all week long (some volunteers putting in as many as 20 hours per week) in order to serve our community through providing free clothes and household items, as well as running a local food pantry, providing food to 160-240 families per month.

Even though Community Services and the Food Pantry only meet for a few hours once a week, it is a huge undertaking and taxes our church family's resources. The need is real and the obstacles to meet the need is a constant challenge. Our hearts are crushed as we see the need so much larger than our ability to meet. If the Holy Spirit is calling you to serve the homeless and impoverished of our city, Coos Bay SDA Community Services could sincerely use your time and energy and monetary support.

For many years we have prayed for some sort of Pastoral Ministry to be included in our Community Services Ministry. Del Cline, head of Community Services and Food Pantry, has begun a conversation with Pastor Tom which we pray will bear fruit in some sort of Pastoral Ministry presence.

Community Service is Staffed with volunteers.  Want to be involved? 
Contact Coos Bay Seventh-Day Adventist Community Service at:  541-756-5812

Community Service Open Tuesday's 9:30 am - 12:00 pm
2175 Newmark Ave
Coos Bay,Oregon 97420
Church # 541-756-7413

There is a large homeless populace in Coos County:
There is a need for Coats and Blankets, toys and new Socks.
Please deliver your donations to our Community Service Ministry.



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